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Watering Restrictions

Watering only allowed between 6PM and 9AM any 1 day per week!


January 12th, 2015 @ 5:30

Richard P. Eckert Civic Center


 City Corner

CITY CORNER by Mayor Brent Hinckley


     I have tried to be clear in the past several columns to explain some of the variables and some of the policies that the City is working towards with the transition to the side arm trash collection.  Most of the decisions will be approved at the City Commission meeting tonight, but I would like to remind you of what I expect the policies will finally be.  I keep getting questions, and admittedly each household will have its own problems, but the overall issues are falling into place.  First and foremost the City staff and I are proposing, and I expect the City Commission will agree, that the changes will happen without any additional costs to our residents.  We adjusted the monthly fees this past year and took into consideration some of the proposed expenses, so I do not believe that there is any reason to make any further changes or increases in the near future.  Also, I am suggesting that the City will purchase the new trash cans and distribute them to our residents at no additional cost to the individuals.  In this plan the trash cans will remain the property of the City and will be marked as such with a registration number that will be assigned to each household, so that if you move, the cans will be picked up by the City and will be reassigned to the new customer. 

    It is anticipated that some customers might want a second trash can, and that second can would be provided at a set fee to cover the costs, but the trash would be collected just the same during the weekly pickup.  If a can were significantly damaged by the actions or abuse of the customer, then a replacement fee would be charged for a new can, but if in the regular course of use some issue arises with one of the cans we will replace it and utilize the 10 year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.  

    We are also looking to make some changes in the local Ordinance that governs trash collection since there is some wording that will be obsolete with the changes.  The adjustments with the new truck primarily change the fact that trash will no longer be required to be bagged, although you certainly may continue bagging your trash to make it more easily handled, and that the trash cans will need to be placed in a location that is accessible for the new truck.  The City staff will be changing the weekly routes after the first of the year and will make a temporary mark at each house to indicate the proper place to set the trash can for pickup.  We will make every effort to communicate with each household to let you know of the time, place, and proper method of setting out the trash, and provide some guidance of where cans might be moved during the week so that they are not a visual nuisance once the trash collection has been completed. 

     There are still some details to be worked out, and we do not have a set schedule yet of when the truck will be delivered and ready for operation, however it will not be until after the first of the year and we will give you plenty of time and notice to deal with this change.  I have also had several people suggest that “government just does not listen to the citizens any more” but I want to assure you that we are making every effort to not only listen but to also work with every resident who has concerns about the transition and how it will affect you.   If you have a concern or a suggestion, please feel free to let me know at and I will certainly see if I can find a good answer and get back to you.  

      On a couple of other issues, the leaf truck is working and making its way through the neighborhoods to pick up the leaves that have been raked to the curb.  It is an older truck and we have had some mechanical problems, so if it gets delayed please be patient and know that we will get to every street as soon as we can.  We expect to continue to run the leaf truck for the next four to six weeks, so there will be plenty of time to get to everyone who wishes to take advantage of this extra service that the City is offering.

      Also, we have reached the decision in the City office that the possibility of our staff completing the contact with 100% of the households in town and surveying them to meet the requirements of the grant that we were considering is most likely impossible.  Therefore, we will not be trying to drop by every household and ask a bunch of personal questions in order to meet some other entity’s idea of who we are or how we live so we have cancelled the plans for this survey.  We will still be needing to determine which size trash cans each household needs, but we will find a different way to gather that information.  I hope that you are patient with the various changes we are working towards implementing.  Mason is a great place to live and work, and with your help we will continue to improve our community and make this the best hometown in Texas.


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