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April 13, 2015 @ 5:30

Richard P. Eckert Civic Center


 City Corner

CITY CORNER by Mayor Brent Hinckley


     The rain was very nice last week, and with the warm weather this week I expect we will see spring popping up everywhere.  Hopefully the trees will start turning green with new buds and the wildflowers will start their annual show and turn the hillsides blue for the next few weeks.  I also am very hopeful that this will be the last article I need to focus on the new trash cans and the garbage pickup transitions.  It has been going on for the past four months, but I believe that we should see the last of the major hurdles crossed this week and things working fairly smoothly by the next week or so. 

      For the first thing, we should have all of the new trash cans distributed in the next day or two.  Mine just showed up the first of this week, but the entire process has been a chore with the City crews working to assemble the wheels and lids on over 900 trash cans and then get them delivered to the homes and businesses throughout town.  It seems to me that getting that major job done in just three weeks while also managing the regular activities of the City departments is a particularly impressive accomplishment.  We have had a few complaints that the lids were not fitting right, but most of the issues seem to resolve themselves once the cans have been out in the sun for a couple of days.  If there continues to be problems with the can, please call the City office and we will see what can be done.  These cans come with a ten year warrantee, so we expect that any issues can be reasonably taken care of promptly.

      We are also encouraging everyone to use their new trash can and set aside the old ones for other uses, such as storing potting soil or wood for the fireplace, which were two of the thoughts that were shared with me.  We will continue to pick up trash left in old cans for a couple of more weeks, but starting the week after Easter we will probably only pick up the trash that is left in the new cans.  I have also been told that worn out cans or those trash cans that you will no longer be using can be dropped off at the Recycling Center and we will deal with them for you.  Also, we are asking that you put your new trash can in a proper position for the new truck to pick it up, but also after the trash is collected we are asking that the can be moved away from the curb to a location that is not a visual nuisance to the neighbors, if you are able.  If you find that the new can is not large enough to handle your weekly trash, my first recommendation is that you seriously consider doing more recycling.  My wife is a “recycling fiend” and our weekly trash for three businesses and our home does not fill even a single can, so I feel sure that a serious commitment to recycling  will resolve most of the “too much trash” issues.  If you decide that you need a larger trash can, please call the City office or drop by and we will see about exchanging your can if we have more large ones available.

      There is one other comment that I want to answer before it becomes a larger question, yes you may still see the old trash truck running a route around town.  We cannot completely retire the old truck because there is no other way to empty the green dumpsters that we have at many commercial locations around town.  There are also specific cans that cannot be emptied by the new trash truck, such as the trash cans on the sidewalks around the square, so we will continue to use the old truck for these special needs.  Also, we have purchased a used side arm trash truck from one of our neighboring towns to be used when we have to pick up two routes in one day, such as after a holiday break, or on those occasions when the new truck needs to have some maintenance service.   You should see the new white trash truck most around town, but there are still reasons that we may be using one of the older trucks for a special reason. 

        As I said at the start of this column, I hope that this is the last time I need to spend a good deal of time and space on the issue of trash collection.  We have worked to make this transition as reasonable as possible, and if you still have problems please call the City office at 347-6449 or email me at and we will try to find a quick resolution.  We have accomplished much over the past few years with improvements to virtually every aspect and service that the City provides for our residents.  The trash issue is one that affects everyone of us every week, and so it has caused its own set of problems to deal with, but I appreciate each of you that have worked to make this a smooth transition and I know that as we work together we will continue to make Mason the best hometown in Texas.


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