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City of Mason, Texas Mason, Texas - Gem of the Hill Country Lone Star Cut Topaz - Official Gemstone of Texas!

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P.O. Box 68
Mason, TX  76856

124 Moody Street
Phone: 325-347-6449
Fax: 325-347-5955

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Fort Mason City Park

1015 San Antonio Hwy (Hwy 87 N)

Mason, TX 76856


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2012 Mason Roundup Parade Float

Watering Restrictions

Watering only allowed between 6PM and 9AM

Any 1 day per week!


June 15, 2015 @ 5:30

Richard P. Eckert Civic Center







Session 1….10:30am-1:25pm  Session 2……2:00pm-4:55pm

$1.50 per person per session

 City Corner

CITY CORNER by Mayor Brent Hinckley


     With Memorial Day only a few days away and May rapidly drawing to a close it seems that there is a lot of activity around the City.  We are looking forward to having a number of the High School students working for us in several different areas during the summer months.  Of course one of the first places that we use the students for the summer is as life guards at the City pool.  We are looking to open the pool on June 1 as soon as school is out, and right now our crews are working to be sure that everything is in place  and the pool is ready for the swimming crowd.  We have a full staff of life guards and expect most of the schedules and rules from previous years to remain in place this summer, so if you or your kids enjoyed that activity last year plan to take advantage of the City swimming pool again this year.

      We also have several High School students helping in other departments this summer, so if you see some young workers in the parks, at recycling, filling potholes or other street activities, or helping with the animal control officers those will be our students getting some real life experiences.  We are very pleased to have these young people working with us again this summer since it gives the City crews some much needed extra help and it also provides these students with very important non-classroom education and puts some extra money in their pockets at the same time.  We have expanded this program over the past couple of years and have found that our Mason students are great workers and we all benefit from having them working for the City during the summer months.

      Our City staff in the office has also had an addition starting this week.  We have made a place for a summer intern from Texas Tech who will be working with us as a part of her graduate degree in business administration.  Her name is Keyla Kothman, and yes she is a part of the local Kothman family and she has a real interest in learning how a city operates and all of the ways that we work to provide for our residents.  I suspect it will be a real eye-opener, but we are pleased to have an extra hand and some extra thinking skills as we deal with some of the budgeting, ordinance issues and a few other particular projects during the summer months.  If you see Keyla in the City office or around town, please welcome her and let her know that we appreciate her assistance and contributions in the next few months. 

      With all of the extra hands working around town in the next couple of weeks, we at the City will be very busy keeping up with the activity and the extra problems that come up with new activities and seasonal things like the swimming pool.  There are a few other seasonal projects that are needing extra attention also, for instance we are looking towards doing some extra roadwork and a seal-coating topping on some of our City streets during the summer.  Right now we are working to identify the streets that need extra help the most, so if you have a particular street in mind that needs top coating, please call the office and let us know.  The other big issue that we are going to be facing in the next several weeks is the need to reiterate the need and value of water conservation during the hot months of the year.  Certainly it has been good to have the many showers and areas of rain that have been a blessing to Mason in recent months, but we are still a far ways from being completely out of the drought and free of the long-term dry conditions that have plagued Central Texas for the past years.  As the rainfall shifts away in the next months and the ground starts to really dry out, it will be important for all of us that we each remember the importance of conserving our water and doing only the truly necessary outdoor watering.  In past years before the drought became a harsh reality, the City of Mason would pump and use a Million gallons of water a day in the heat of summer, and it would be a big problem if we as a community returned to that great of a usage when a large percentage of the demand is just to “keep the grass green” and is wasted rather than meeting the real needs of our individual citizens.  I will write some more about this in the coming weeks, but I hope that even as we enjoy the rain showers that keep our countryside fresh we will each remember the reality and the ways that we all contributed to the decreased demands on our water supply and conserved every drop that was unnecessary.    

      As we approach summer we are very busy around the City doing many different things to meet the needs of our town.  I hope that most of what you see happening is making a positive difference in our community, and soon your City officials will also be talking about and setting goals for the future as we determine the budget needs.  The goals we set will help to direct the specific projects that need the most attention and then we will work to provide the funding to make them a reality.  If you have suggestions or ideas that would help improve our town, please let me or another of our City officials know so that working together we can continue to make this the best hometown in Texas.

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