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 City Corner

CITY CORNER by Mayor Brent Hinckley


     It has certainly continued to be HOT outside and there is not much wind to even cool off the evenings.  In fact the wind is not enough to even turn a wind turbine, which makes me wonder how the wind farm developers think they are going to generate any power at a time when every home in Texas is using electricity to keep cool.  Here in Mason our big concern is not the electric availability, but a worry about the water resources and the quantity of water we have available for everyone to keep watering their yards and plants.  With the calendar turning to August in just a few days the heat is going to stay with us for a while and the grass is starting to look dry and the green of early summer is definitely fading. 

     Last week I received an email talking about the wonderful rains that have been falling in Texas in the past several months.  It said that at the present time there are no counties in Texas that are considered in drought conditions,  and that the rain that fell in the past few months was enough to cover the entire state in eight inches of water according to the National Weather Service.  However, the map that was included also showed a few areas that are still considered “abnormally dry” and although there are just a half dozen counties identified that way, Mason County was one of those few areas that was shown as still suffering!!  It said that only 2.84% of the state population was affected by this DRY designation, but wouldn’t you know that we are a part of that “special” group!  The email went on to point out that we cannot lose sight of our state's long-term water needs and most certainly not our local long-term and immediate issues. It pointed out that we must take advantage of the blessing of the recent rainfalls and use proper conservation techniques to ensure this precious resource is not wasted. 

     This brings me to the important point of this column, here in Mason we need to be very aware of the increasing need for water conservation in the coming weeks.  We have not yet needed to institute mandatory water restrictions, but even with the rains that have blessed us, our water supply is being strained during these hot dry days and we need to move toward more strict watering conservation.  With the increasing dry days and the fading green of the landscape, we have seen many days where it seems most everyone is watering their lawn in addition to their regular water usage and our water department is having problems keeping up with the demands.  Therefore, we must emphasis the voluntary rules that residents may only water their landscape between 6:00 pm and 9:00 am and are limited to just watering one day a week.  By watering in the evenings and early morning you avoid using water during the middle of the day when the heat and evaporation will make most of your efforts useless and simple waste much of the water that we have to pump out of the aquifer.  We have begun to notice this wasteful water use around town and our City crews may begin issuing warnings or turning off unnecessary lawn sprinkling during the heat of the day.   We hope that you will continue to help us meet the needs of our community and cooperate in limiting your own watering so that we will not have to impose any additional restrictions or move to more critical water conservation plans.

     In other areas around the City, the crews continue to work at keeping up with the many regular jobs.  The swimming pool will close in the coming week as most of our lifeguards and other summer workers are involved with athletics that start workouts.  We are also working in the office on issues such as the Budget for the coming year and setting the plans and goals that will guide us in our spending and our activities around the town.  There are other issues, such as the speed limits that are mentioned in another article in this paper, that we are working to address and planning to discuss at our next City Commission meeting on August 10.  There are always a number of things that must be decided in the weeks before fall gets here, and if you have suggestions or ideas that would benefit the residents of Mason we would like to hear them.  Our goal is to continue to improve our community, and with your help and input we will continue to make our town the best hometown in Texas.


Speed Limits Changing in Mason    by Mayor Brent Hinckley


     The City has worked to improve our community in many different ways and most people are aware of the variety of accomplishments we have made in the past several years.  It appears that change is coming again to Mason and this time it may affect most everyone who lives or drives through our town.  This past week we were informed by TxDOT that they have performed traffic studies and although we do not have the vehicle counts for full studies they can conduct trial runs and recommend changes in speed limits.  I have been working for at least eight years trying to get some reductions in the speed limits on the state highways and roadways that run through our town and it looks as though persistence and patience have finally paid off. 

     The state engineers in Austin have recommended that the speed limit around the Square be reduced from the current 35 mph to 30 mph and that the reduced speed extend out along the highways for some distance.  On Hwy 87 moving north the 30 mph would extend to Stripes location and then go up to 40 mph until Dollar General where it would go up to 45 and on to the edge of town.  On Hwy 87 to the south of the square the 30mph would go till Magnolia St and then it would only increase to 40 mph rather than the 45 mph that it is now, from there to Hoffman St which would include the turnoffs for both the grocery store and the Post Office, which most of us visit on a regular basis.  Highway 29 east of the Square would remain at 30mph to Post Oak and then go to 40 mph to about Bickenbach before increasing to the City limits. 

     The roads we know as El Paso and curving around to Ave F are maintained by TxDOT as RR 1871, and the speed limit there would be reduced to 30 mph from the Square all the way out to Ritter St and the MISD School campus where it would increase to 40 mph, with a reduced speed of 30 mph when the beacons are flashing for school hours.  RR 386 which we know as Live Oak St would be reduced to 30 mph until Comanche St and then increase to 40 mph, with increases further out to higher speeds.  Generally these speed reductions amount to a mere 5 mph “slow down” in most areas which should not make a significant difference to most of us, but would provide a much safer environment for the people who live and work along these roadways and particular make it safer for the pedestrians around our town.  I am also pushing to get new signage to emphasis pedestrian safety in the crosswalks around the Square.

      While I have been working and talking to try and get these speed reductions for years, particularly since the propane truck flipped over on the Square a couple of years ago, I am still not entirely satisfied with all of the recommendations.  TxDOT has agreed to a few additional reductions from their original suggestions, but I need the residents of Mason to let me know if these are sufficient or if you would like some additional changes.  If you have some comments, please send me a quick email at to let me know what you think would be best for our town.  The actual process of implementing these new speed limits will be to have it on the agenda at our next City Commission meeting on August 10 for public comments and an Ordinance decision by the Commission.  Then we will inform TxDOT and they will order the new signage and when it arrives will install it in the proper locations.  At that time it will become the legal speed limits, and I have discussed with the Sheriff’s Department that for a few weeks we will work to inform the public, and then we will expect the patrolling officers to begin seriously enforcing the new rules.  At the present time however, we are interested in the public’s comments and opinions and I hope that if you have some thoughts or concerns you will take a few minutes to let the City officials know by directly talking with us, emailing or attending the next City Commission meeting.












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